HNZ ONLINE COURSE (with certificate) 

Click HERE  to go to the online course This course is part of the HNZ Coach Pathway. If you pass this course, Click here for more information how to register HNZ sees you as accredited coach Click HERE to register for the practical session


The HNZ course is free.  It consist of a:
  • Online part
    You have to complete 5 modules. The course is sequential so you need to work through module by module. The later modules are locked until you have completed the previous module. You can stop any time you want, to continue another day. The last module is an scenario where you have to write downn what you would do as a coach and send it to the RDM . You will get feedback from the RDM. 
  • practical part.
    The practical session takes 2 hours and will be held at the twin turfs. See dates below. You need to register for this practical session. Click HERE for registration link
  • Resources
    Within the modules there is often additional information (downloads, video clips, resources internet) you need or can click on. The programme also has a category " resources" where you can find information. 

You pass the course if your scenario has been approved by the RDM and you have followed the practical sessions. 

The courses + dates practical session

1. Small sticks 5-8,                      Practical session: Wednesday 24 May  7- 9 pm  (will be in an indoor location)  
2. Small sticks 9-12,                    Practical session : Sunday 28 May 11.30 -1.30 pm 
3. Youth (secondary school)      Practical session : Sunday 28 May 9.00 - 11.00 am  
4. Club Hockey hockey               Practical session: T.B.A
Note: you need to register for these practical session

Start course

  • It doesn't matter where you start: with the practical session or with the online module. Registration for the online module follows itself, although we have a manual to help you in the registration.
  • You need to register for the practical session. Click HERE  to register for your practical session 
  •  If you have made the scenario, you can send it to the RDM through the programme. Please do make a copy and send it to as well to avoid losing your anwer on the digital highway   
  • Link to the online course:  
    Link to the manual to help you through the registration:instruction manual to register for course.doc