Free Fitness programme secondary schools / Club hockey

Field Hockey has become a fast, explosive and powerful game. The physical component of the game has become more important. You can train this by offering fitness sessions. The only problem with fitness sessions; you can easily give the wrong exercise or the wrong weight, reps, series or time. All this leads to not getting the results you want.

Kāhui Hockey Manawatu would like to help you by providing a fitness programme for the whole winter season. Together with Geoffrey Pound (personal trainer ) we have made a programme which ensures you are offering the fitness sessions suitable for hockey players in the phase of the competition they are in

Structure Fitness Schedule
The 1 hour fitness training is divided into blocks. Each block has specific goals, which together makes it a balanced fitness schedule for the phase they are in. In each block you can choose which exercise you would like to do. There will be exercises with and without equipment. The amount of reps, series, (weight if you work with equipment) and times is prescribed.  

Interested ? 
The fitness schedule will be availabe at the end of April. Would you like to receive the fitness schedule, please CLICK HERE to send Nicolette van Zeijl an email. You will receive an inlog for the programme.