Growing Coaches Programme (Secondary School Students) 

Growing coaches is a leadership programme for secondary school students who want to coach sport at schools  or clubs. As student you have the opportunity to gain 4 NCEA credits if you sucessfully follow this programme. 

Sport Manawatu, Kāhui Hockey Manawatu and other sport associations are organizing a Growing Coaches programme for all secondary school students who are interested. 

The programme consists of:

  • 4 workshops of 2 hours, where you being taught to coach Hockey. Of those 8 hours four hours will be spend how to teach the hockey skills and tactics. The other 4 hours will be about coaching. The coaching topics are:   
    -  What is coaching 
    -  Designing great coaching sessions
    -  Games approach
    -  Coach leadership 
  • Fifteen hours of coaching experience – coaching other young people the skills of hockey.

Date+ time + location of the workhops :

 Date Time Location Remark 
 Saturday 8 April  10 am - 3 pm   Twin Turfs  you follow 2 workshops on 1 day  with a lunch in between. 
 Friday 5th May  4 - 8 pm   Sport Manawatu 
50th Queen Street 
 you follow 2 workshop in 1 day, with dinner in between 

The practical session will be arranged with you individually. You can do it at your school. Also participating in the Kāhui holiday programs and REP hockey is an option. 

NCEA Credits
You can gain 4 NCEA credits by following this programme. If you start the programme, notify your school. After the programme you need it to be signed off by Sport Manawatu and your school. After this your 4 credits are yours!!

Registration link:

Note: Kāhui Hockey Manawatu has paid coaching positions in term 1 and 4. Secondary school players who have followed this programme will have preference over secondary school players who didn't follow the programme