Kāhui Coaching on the Job


Every coach has a different style of learning. Kāhui Hockey Manawatu offers coaches “coaching on the job” session for those coaches who’d like to learn from the daily coaching situation.

We have 3 “coaching on the job” opportunities for coaches:

1.     Team training during the holidays 
You train on half a turf. The coach brings his team along. You can choose what you like more:
    a)  You train with your team and you get feedback on your coaching skills during and afterwards. .  
    b) The RDM gives training, you as coach assist. The RDM will explain things, you can ask questions and afterwards you have an evaluation
The level of the team, the amount of player that comes along is not important. It’s all about you as coach. You need to register for these sessions.  

2.     Specific hockey themes during the holiday (free)
During the holiday and REP season we are offering specialized trainings on certain topics. You are welcome to attend those sessions as a coach. You don't have to regiser for these programs.  

3.     School, Club or Individual coaching on the job ($30 per hour+ travel expense)
If you would like a specific workshop for your school/club coaches or you would like your school/club coaches to be coached (2 coaches in 1 hour is possible) you can contact Nicolette van Zeijl  (rdm@hockeymanawatu.org.nz). As individual coach you can also get  individual coaching


Click HERE for coaching on the job opportunities April holiday 2018