New as a coach?

We can understand if you are new as coach, all might be overwhelming. Especially if you don’t have a coaching background. Kāhui Hockey Manawatu would like to welcome you as coach. We would like to support you in getting started as a coach. On this page, we hope you help you to get underway.

Kāhui Hockey Manawatu

An African proverb says:” if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. That’s what we believe and. Kāhui Hockey Manawatu would like to create this culture amongst all Manawatu players and coaches. Especially with coaches we aim to bring coaches together to share their skills and knowledge. Because: “ You and me, we can make each other better. Individually we are not perfect, but we are perfect together.”  


The 2018 Kāhui activities for coaches

1. Planned coaching sessions 
In 2018 we have coaching sessions planned for junior, intermediate and secondary school coaches. With these coaching sessions we aim to give you the tools and confidence to give training to your team or improve the quality of your training. Those coaching sessions are free and will always be on your game day. No extra day to come back for these sessions; just before or after your game you float into the coaching sessions. Click HERE to go to the planned sessions. 

2. Coaching on the job 

  • Coaches and their team can come to the turf on certain days and times in the holiday. You have 2 options:
    - the coach gives the training to his team and receives feedback during and afterwards the training
    - the RDM/ DO gives training and explains things, the coach assists and afterwards you have an evaluation.
    Click HERE for the APRIL 2018 holiday 
  • In the holiday and REP season there will be specialized trainings ( like goal scoring, defending etc). As a coach you just can come and join the session to  improve on those skills. Click HERE for the topics specialized trainings April 2018 holiday day
  •   If you would like a specific workshop for your school/club coaches or you would like your school/club coaches to be coached (2 coaches in 1 hour is possible) you can contact Nicolette van Zeijl  ( As individual coach you can also get  individual coaching   

·         Hockey New Zealand has a FREE online coaching course. Click HERE

  • Regional Sport Conference from Sport Manawatu
    This conference will be held on 23 June. Once we receive more information, we will publish it on our website/facebook and email to all the coaches in our database. 

4. Start information about the hockey game 

If you click on THIS LINK you will find 4 video's where you get a bit of idea about the hockey game and the rules. 

I hope with this support we might help you to find coaching more easily. Whenever you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the RDM Nicolette van Zeijl - 027-2444307 or click HERE  to mail her directly