Kāhui Hockey Manawatu understands you would like to be the best coach for your players. We also understand your time is limited to keep up with all hockey and coaching knowledge that’s available.

We have created the following digital opportunities for you to stay on top of everything:

1.     SSN digital news;
Once a month you will receive two video messages on your mobile/ mailbox. One will be a hockey topic; not only the information about this topic but also how to train this. The other one will be a coaching topic.   

2.     Closed coaches page on the website
We are slowly going to build the resources on this page; from hockey topics to coaching topics. An example what you can find:
- the 5 elements of effective training by GB hockey Danny Kerry . Click HERE

If you are interested to be part of our “digital” coaching information just send an email to Nicolette van Zeijl ( or click HERE to email her directly.