Parent day (11 a side) 

Does your son/daughter plays intermediate, secondary school or/ and club hockey?

Are you watching his/ her game and don't really understand what's happening?  

Would you like to know more about the game?  

If all is answered with yes, don't hesitate and register for the PARENTS DAY on 13 May 2017 !!   

Around a Manawatu Division 1 game we will explain the hockey game, with a reaction from Coaches, players and umpires afterwards. 

Registration needed: yes, please click on this link

More information: 

For who : parents from intermediate and secondary school players who are interested to learn more about the game.  

Location : Junior Hockey pavilion (in the Esplanade Park, where they play croquet. Parkinglot behind Cafe esplanade is next to this pavilion)+ watching game at the twin turfs.

Time : 1.00 -3.15 pm 


  • 1.00 -1.30 pm  The game of hockey explained
  • 1.30–2.45 pm   Watching a Div 1 game. Half time= questions round 
  • 2.45– 3.15 pm  Reactions from both Coaches, players and umpires of the div 1 game we watched 

: none.