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Thursday 4 May : Meeting Junior coaches /interested parents is on !!! . From 7- 9 pm, junior pavilion. Please park at the twin turfs, outside the Esplanade. Park will close when it's dark.  The Wednesday 3 May Meeting is CANCELLED, no registrations. 

Kāhui Hockey Manawatu

An African proverb says:” if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. That’s what we believe. We would like to create this kind of community amongst all Manawatu players and coaches. With” Kāhui Hockey Manawatu” we hope to develop this culture. Kāhui Hockey Manawatu offers coaches all kind of courses, coaching on the job, digital information and other activities. We would like to bring coaches together to share skills and knowledge. Because: “ You and me, we can make each other better. Individually we are not perfect, but we are perfect together.”   

The Coach programs primary school coaches term 2 + 3. (see also category " coach development" :

1.     Meeting for NEW junior coaches / INTERESTED parents
: the junior committee and RDM will have a meeting for coaches who aren’t familiar with coaching junior hockey. On this evening you will get information how junior hockey runs, the hockey game, the rules and coaching your hockey team.  
When: you can choose for Wednesday 3 May or Thursday 4 May
Time: 7- 9 pm
Where: Manawaroa Pavilion
Costs: no
Registration link: click HERE  

2.     Coach to coach programme
players and their coach (or a parent) can come to a turf on certain days and times. The training can be made by Nitin Ahuja /Nicolette van Zeijl. Still the coach gives this training to their team with the support of Nitin or Nicolette.    
: during the week and in the holiday’s. Click HERE for the holiday opportunities
Time: t.b.a.
Where: on turfs at schools (during the week) or on the Twin turfs (holiday’s).
Costs: some costs per player.
Holiday coaching on the job registration link: 

From 27 March 2017 all information and registration link will be published on the website

3.     Courses

·         Hockey New Zealand has a FREE online coaching course. From 27 March 2017 all parents/ coaches can find the link at our website under” coach development”. Part of the course is a free free practical session of 2 hours. Dates for this practical session will be announced. The courses also offers free resources for coaches.

·         Hockey congress
Sunday 14th May from 9 am till 4.30 pm we will have a coaching congress at our turfs. Each round there are 1,5 hour sessions for junior and intermediate coaches. You can follow 2 practical sessions and 1 pavilion session to your choice. Lunch and drinks are included. In one day you will get a complete toolkit to coach your team through the winter. All for the price of $ 40. More information will follow.   

·         Coaching course term 3
On the 6th August we will have a junior and intermediate course for coaches. The topic can be suggested by the coaches who participate in the hockey congress and the coaching news.

4.     Monthly Coaching news
All junior coaches can register for the closed junior or intermediate coaching page on our website. They can find resources on this website. Once a month the coaches will receive “video-news” where we give tips or information about a hockey topic.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Nicolette van Zeijl (027-2444307 - or Nitin Ahuja (