12 Apr 2017



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2017 Conference Cup Trials - Mid Central (Manawatu) Team

Central Seniors Conference 2017

Mid Central encompassing the wider Manawatu Region are fielding a team in the CHL Conference Cup this year. This is a new format as detailed below.

NB this is a Home of Origin competition so players who started their representative career in our assn qualify to play.








Registrations close 30th April

Twin Turfs, 6A Manawaroa Street, Palmerston North

Women 10.30am

Men 10.30am 

We are attempting to keep costs to a minimum per player.


Please register to attend trials

Objectives for forming a Central Conference of Senior Teams from Midlands, Central & Capital
1. Provide Senior & NHL players with a level of play higher than existing Club hockey for a period of
time, greater than a one-off weekend
2. Timing of the matches to provide valuable preparation as a lead-up to Seniors and NHL tournament
3. Provide the mechanism for trialing players for NHL and Seniors final representative teams
4. Provide opportuity to keep players older than 21 years in the regions and motivated
during the long wait through to September tournaments
5. Provide an additional selection opportunity for players with HNZ endorsement and HNZ coaches
6. Provide development opportunities and a pathway for regional coaches, umpires, managers and
technical officials.
7. Provide a trial scenario for regions to work together as a fore-runner to a potential national club
league in 2018.
8. Provide a trial scenario of 4 weekends to test the interest in senior players for a league that
requires additional travel and expense (with the potential to test sponsorship opportunities)
Proposed Teams Numbers and Composition - at each region's discretion
1. Midlands - 2 mens and 2 womens teams based on Association of Origin
Midlands East (TGA, BOP); Midlands West (WAI, CM, TV)
2. Capital - 2 mens and 2 womens teams based on Association ranking in 2016
Dalefield, Eastern Hutt and Hutt providing the four teams.
3. Central - proposed 3 mens and 3 womens teams based on geogrpahical spread of Associations
and senior standard players with former CHL teams taken into consideration.
Central East (PHAB, HBHA, CHBHA); Mid Central (HMI); Central West (THF,WHA, RHA, HHA)
These divisions will need to be evaluated against Association of Origin player availability.

Competition Format
A round-robin competition of six games per team played over 3 Sundays and Queen's Birthday,
over a two month period. Generally the most distant teams play each other at Queen's Birthday,
with closer teams drawn to play on the remaining Sundays. This competition does not impact on
existing Club competitions.
Draw - a mens and womens game played consecutively on the same day at the same venue.

Sunday 21 May
Central West v Dalefield @ Wanganui
Central East v Wellington @ Palmerston (venue tbc)
Midlands East v Midlands

Queen's Birhtday Weekend Tournament
Friday 2 June
Central West v Mid Central @ Palmerston (venue tbc) - on the way over to Napier.
Saturday 3 June - all games in Napier (Central East, least travel, 2 games)
Central East v Dalefield
Wellington v Midlands East
Mid Central v Midlands West
Central West v Central East
Sunday 4 June
Dalefield v Midlands West
Central West v Wellington
Mid Central v Midlands East
Central East - BYE
Monday 5 June
Wellington v Midlands West
Dalefield v Midlands East
Mid Central v Central East
Central West - BYE

Sunday 18 Jun
Central West v Midlands West @ Stratford
Mid Central v Dalefield @ Carterton
Central East v Midlands East @ Rotorua
Wellington - BYE

Sunday 23 July
Central West v Midlands East @ Taupo
Mid Central v Wellington @ Horowhenua
Central East v Midlands West @ Rotorua
Dalefield - BYE
Dalefield v Wellington - played as part of their Club competition

Player Eligibility
The competition has been designed around Senior aged players. The question of U18 aged
player will arise. The competition does fall within the Under 18 Association and Regional
campaigns. U18 school aged players (HNZ identified only) would require an exemption from
three regions Performance Managers and be subject to release from their U18 commitments.
U18 players out of school would be eligible, again subject to U18 commitments.
Team squad of 24 players will be accepted, thus allowing for managing player availability.



With the registration for these Open Mid Central squad trials you agree with the costs if selected for this squad. 


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