12 Apr 2018

2018 Planned coaching sessions (junior /intermediate/secondary school coaches)

2018 Planned coaching sessions (junior /intermediate/secondary school coaches)

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2018 Planned coaching Session

In 2018 Kāhui Hockey Manawatu would like to support the junior /intermediate/ secondary school coaches. 
We aim to give the junior /intermediate coaches the tools & confidence to start giving training to your team. With the secondary school coaches we aim to support them in developing their training /coaching skills.  

We have "highly recommended coaching sessions" which are free and planned around your team's game to ensure you are able to attend. We also have 3 optional coach development opportunities

Highly recommended coaching sessions 
All coaching sessions are 1 hour and planned around your games, thus easy to attend. Only the first coaching session for the junior and intermediate coaches is planned in the first week of May, where no games are on yet. Were possible the sessions will be practical. 

Click on your age category for the planning :
year 1 - 2

year 3 -4

year 5 -6

year 7 - 8

year 9 - 13  

 Optional coach development opportunities

  1. Coaching on the job
    During the April holiday you can train 1,5 hours with your team on the turf. You as coach can choose the support you would like from the RDM. One thing is sure; the focus is on developing you as coach!! What you would like to know, is what you will learn during this training.  
    Dates to choose from: Mo 16 April, Tue 17 April, Wed 18 April, Mo 23 April, Tue 24 April
    Time :  5.00 - 6.30 pm
    Coaches choice:  RDM gives training, coach assist or coach gives training and RDM coach developer
    Costs: $42 (included turf,  lights, HMI equipment + RDM )
    Registration link:
  2. Parent / Coaches day
    You will watch a div 1 game, watch a bit of Black sticks and in the mean time you will learn all about the modern hockey game. From subbing, the rules, positions and key elements of the game, all will be revealed.  Date will be planned once draw is out. No costs involved.
  3. After school programs (only junior/intermediate ) 
    On Tuesday (Y5&6) , Wednesday (Y7&8) and Thursday (Y3&4) we will run an after-school hockey program where coaches can train their team under supervision of a Kāhui coach. These programs will start in week 3 of term 2. The details about time, costs and location will be communicated once the season starts. 


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