Kāhui Penalty Corner training Holiday

July Holiday : Penalty corner training  


Penalty corners are important in Hockey. Players who master a PC skill add value to their skills.  

Kāhui Hockey Manawatu want to offer players the opportunity to train these skills with a coach. 

In the Holiday you have got 2 options:

1.     Train all 3 basic PC skills 
The roles of injector, trapper and hitter will be trained in this hour. The "teach" version is meant for players who haven't been taught those skills. The "train" version is for players who have been taught these skills and they want to improve them. Open for intermediate + secondary school players. 

2.     Drag flick 
We offer drag flick trainings for the beginner, but also for players who want to improve their drag flick. You train 45 minutes, since the drag flick movement is complex and asks a lot of your body. Open for intermediate + secondary school players. Group size: 6 players. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our RDM on 027-2444307 or rdm@hockeymanawatu.org.nz