Some players are passionate about hockey and have the desire to get the best out of themselves. Some players are aiming to play for Central and even make it to the Black Sticks. All are characteristics of a performance athlete. Yet it takes more than "being a good hockey player"  to reach your full potential. Other features become more important like work ethic, coach ability, planning your life and making tough choices. Also personal characteristics like self-awareness, setting goals, dealing with pressure, disappointment, mental toughness etc are getting important. All the skills -characteristic of performance athletes- can be learnt. The journey to become a performance athlete means spending the same amount of time on developing your mental and life style skills as well as on your hockey skills. 


Our U18 REP programme can support you into taking the next step towards becoming a performance athlete. We call this stage the "development to perform" stage. The programme will provide you with the skills & Tools to reach your full potential and make you perform under pressure. It also offers you a pathway to Central U18 &21 teams, which we consider to be performance teams i.e. focus on winning.

Outline of our U18 development to perform programme:




Central / Rep U18 Prep programme

HMI U18 REP programme

Term 1 in short: the high intensity phase. You train twice and through workshops you learn how to train your mental and life style skills. You also get a glimpse into the level of international hockey and the demands on the player and you measure your progression objectively.

Term 2 in short:The taking responsibility phase.
REP U18 programme takes a huge step back. Taking responsibility for your development as performance athlete has the focus.


·You train 2x a week, in total 8,5 weeks long

·Workshops about mental and life styles skills by highly qualifiedprofessionals

·Monitoring your improvement

·Hawkes bay festival

·Playing games in Summer Hockey Serious competition


·Working on your individual goals at school and club trainings

·Sunday’s spend on playing mini tournaments, practice games and sometimes trainings.

·Not always team trainings; sometimes training per line or skill.

More info and registration 2018 Central /REP prep programme, click HERE

Registration closes 1st March 2018



Open Trials first week of term 2. If two players have the same level, the player participating in the PREP programme will be chosen.

Registration for Open trials will be opened on the 4thApril 2018