At an early age we believe it is hard to predict who’s going to be a successful hockey player or not. First of all because players start with hockey at a different age and secondly because each player develops at their own rate. We share this vision with Sport New Zealand, who are tackling a couple of myths around "talent" in their "Sport New Zealand Talent plan 2016-2020". (click HERE for the myths and link to the document).   
But even if you see who’s got more or less feeling for the hockey game, it’s still unsure if this player is going to be successful. At performance level other features are more important like setting goals, your work ethic, coach ability, planning your life and making touch choices, along personal characteristics like self-awareness, how you deal with disappointment, your intrinsic motivation, mental toughness, etc.  Sport New Zealand 

This made us decide to formulate a Kāhui (REP) coaching philosophy where all our players are being challenged to develop themselves on both aspects; their hockey skills as well as their life skills.


  We want to develop players:

 1.     Who are able to develop themselves, the team and take responsibility for this development
 2.     Who feel confident to find creative solutions for the “ hockey problems”  they encounter on
(during games and training) and
        off the turf (with team mates, staff, etc) 

With this philosophy the focus is on the process of creating an environment that ensures players to grow (as hockey player and as person) continuously with every training session and every match. Winning is still important,
but it’s an outcome of the process of development and learning. 

In 2016 we started with this coaching philosophy, which meant a different way of training and coaching games. No more shouting coaches, everybody played the same amount of time, they trained in small groups without a coach and the players had a coach who was asking questions and let them think. The coaches also helped players recognize (and feel comfortable with) mistakes; they are inevitable in the learning process. You could say learning and mistakes was the mantra during each training and game.  When you become part of our Kāhui (rep) coaches team you will learn tools to implement this coaching philosophy.   
Would you already like to read more about how to create an environment that ensures player to grow? Here a link about athlete centered coaching /Portals/43/Reps/new zealand Effective-Coaching-Philosophy-Jan-07 new zealand.doc

Development <-> Development to perform

Some players are passionate about hockey and have the desire to get the best out of themselves. Some players are aiming to play for Central and even make it to the Black Sticks. All are characteristics of a performance athlete. When players are 15, turning 16 we believe they can make the choice if they would like to be a performance athlete. At this age the focus of the development programme shifts from development to "development to perform" . 

The U18 programme and the coaching  is focused on "development to perform". The programme learns players to take responsibility, challenges them make tough choices and the focus is just as much on the mental and life style aspects of performance as on the technical, tactical and physical skills. 
Coaching the U18 
requires coaches who are capable to coach according the above described coaching philosophy learning them the skills  needed as a performance athlete. 

Click HERE for the position description of the 2018 U18 Representative Head Coach (and assistant)   



We have a game plan which offers you a framework of skills and tactics which we would like you to train with our age group. This will ensure all players have the same knowledge and understanding of the way we want to play as HMI if they go to the next phase of Representative hockey.  In the development to perform stage the coach  can extend and adjust the basic HMI game plan  to their player group in consultation with the Regional Development Manager

Many coaches think they need to have hockey experience and/ or hockey knowledge to become a REP coach. Nothing is further from the truth. Because hockey knowledge (both technical and tactical) can be learnt, but the way you coach and interact with players is a choice. Which means we are looking for coaches who subscribe to our philosophy, who want to create a fun and learning TEAM environment for our REP players and have a pro-active and open attitude towards their own coaching development. You will be welcomed in a supportive team (experienced REP coaches and our RDM) who will help develop both your hockey and coaching skills.The head coach position is for coaches who have a combination of hockey knowledge and coaching skills, the assistant role is ideal for coaches who want to learn more about hockey and coaching. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call our Regional Development Manager on 027-2444307. 

Time line nominations
- U18 REP teams: nomination  last week of January, first week February AND invitation
- U15 (rep) development teams: nomination open half February till half March
- U13 (rep) development teams: nomination open half February till half March