The Hockey game 

You can find a lot of information about the hockey game on internet. If you search on "fieldhockey" a lot wil come up. Another option is to come to the "Parent day", where you will learn all about hockey while watching a Manawatu division 1 (see "parents").  

Nowadays they also have made some great short films about hockey.

 Below 5 short films:
1. Impression of a NZ womens game 
2. the game explained from a goalie and strikers perspective
3. the rules of the game
4. the umpire signals
5. the 5 key elements of a good training by Great Britain Hockey 

Impression of a NZ womens game


The game explained from a Goalie and Strikers perspective


The rules of Hockey explained 


The signals of the umpire explained

The 5 key elements of a good training