Kāhui Goalie programs

Kāhui Goalie programs  

The goalie role is a special role within the game which requires different training than your players. Still it's worth to invest time in your goalie. Having a good goalie in your goal makes you win game. Not often do coaches pay attention to their goalie, which makes a goalie lose interest.  

Kāhui Hockey Manawatu offers goalies the opportunity to experience goalie training. You will learn all about the goalie skills and tactics, which enables you to practice them during your own team training. 


Term   1  Let’s give it a go" goalie programme (Y7 / Y8 ). Term 1 2018 : Click HERE for more information and registration 
Everybody who is interested to become a goalie this season OR would like to experience what it's like to be a goalie can join this programme It's a 4 week introduction programme with the focus on the basic skills and tactics. It's especially designed for year 7 or 8 players, but please contact us if you are in secondary school and interested. 

Getting the basic right (Y9+ Y10) ; Term 1 2018 Click HERE for more information and registration 
This 4 week programme is focussing on improving your basic skills. It’s for intermediate and Y9 + Y10 goalies who are already been a goalie for 1 season or more.  

More experienced goalie?  
In the U18 Central/ REP prep programme the goalies get specialized training.

Player development programs. Click on the goalie programme of your age to read more about the player programs as well
We offer a lot of player development programs. As a goalie you can enjoy these training's as well. There isn't any goalie trainer present, which means you need to be able to train yourself and work on the goals you set for yourself. 

information will be published in January  
 Term 2 + 3   (REP) development programs 
Players in the Y5 and Y6 programs will experiene what it's like to be a goalie. In the U13 and U15 (REP) development programme we have 6 places for goalies. While players get training, the goalies will get special goalie training. Afterwards they can join the training of the players. 
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Term   4 ??
If goalies are interested to train during the summer, they can let us know. We might organize goalie training 

 U18-U21 Summer development to perform programme
This programme is for all U18 / U21 goalies with ambition who have made the choice to focus on hockey and become the best they can be. Reasons can be " getting the best out of yourself",  "making it to Central teams" or even the Black Sticks. You can't register for this programme; you need to be invited  for this programme through your school coach, club coach and /or REP coach. Limited spaces available. 
 information will be published at the end of the season

All programs are being organized by the Goalie committee. They also are the goalie trainers who take the lead in the trainings when guest goalie coaches assist. 

The 2017 Goalie committee consists of:

  1. Glenn Rauzi
  2. Brian Pincott