Kāhui Junior programs

Kāhui Hockey Manawatu Junior Programs 

In each term Kāhui hockey Manawatu organizes junior development programmes for players of all ages and abilities.  

Term 1 + 4  Stick Skill Fun programme
It's a programme for :
a) players who are new or haven't trained much yet. 
b) players who are more experienced,  only want to train 1 hour or with their friends 
This 1-hour training is 100% hockey with the focus on learning and improving your hockey skills and game awareness. 

Go Hard programs   
From Year 5 you can also follow the "Go hard 1.0"  programme for your age group. It's a 1,5 hour training for all players who have 1 or more years hockey experience. The programme offers players a challenging and fun environment where we will focus on improving the skill level and game awareness. Their hockey fitness will improve as well, because it’s 1,5 hours 100% hockey training.  

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Term 2 + 3  " Coaching on the job" programme Y 1 till Y 6
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-5 pm we will run a "coaching" programme at turfs from schools. A team (minimum of 3 players + 1 adult or coach) can register for a training under supervision of the RDM/ Development Officer. The adult /coach assist at this training .

(REP) Development programs Y5- Y6-Y7 &Y8
From Y5 players have the opportunity to follow the (REP) development programs. We put (REP) between brackets, because Kāhui Hockey Manawatu's goal is to give all players the opportunity to develop their basic skills and tactical knowledge to build on a life long love for the hockey game. The REP structure and culture is one of DEVELOPMENT of players of all levels and abilities. In term 2 the players train in level group; in term 3 -after the open trials- they are being selected into team and continue the development programs in teams. 
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