Kāhui Secondary School programs

Kāhui Secondary School programs term 1 

In each term Kāhui hockey Manawatu organizes secondary school development programs for players of all ages and abilities.

Term    1  Get into the seasons with your friends ( Y9-Y13).  Term 1 2018 : click HERE for info and registration
This is a 6 weeks programme before the holiday term 1-2 starts. Together with your friends you will get prepared for the upcoming winter season. Fun is the key word, beside getting fit and into hockey. The trainings are open for secondary school players of all ages and abilities.

2theMaxx Year 9  Term 1 2018 : click HERE for info and registration
It's a 6 weeks programme for all  Year 9 players who have 1 or more years’ hockey experience. It's 1,5 hours full on training, where we create a fun and challenging environment to improve your skill level and game awareness. Ability doesn’t matter, work ethic and motivation to get better each training is what we expect.

 2theMaxx PRO   (Y10, sometimes Y11) Term 1 2018 : click HERE for info and registration

This 6-week programme starts in February. It’s open for players who are 14 (turning 15) years old. You have to be playing hockey for 2 years or more. In this programme you can experience what it is to train like a PRO. Ability doesn’t matter; commitment, love to go hard on trainings to get the best out of yourself and taking ownership of your development is far more important. You will train 1,5 h skills + 30 min PC training. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself fully with hockey

Central/ REP U18 development to perform programme. Term 1 2018 : click HERE for info and registration
The Central/REP U18 development to perform programme” will provide you with the skills& tool to reach your full potential and make you perform under pressure. It offers you a pathway to Central U18 or REP U18 team. We will start with a CH/REP U18 development squad. They follow a 8-week high intensity trainings programme  in term 1. This enables us to do a step back in term  2 when players have much on with school and club hockey. Beside Hockey we also focus on the mental and life style skills as well as monitoring your improvements. Going to an international game -if possible- is part of the programme. From these trainings the nominations for the Central U18 trials will be chosen as well as the REP team. 
 information will be published in January 
Term 2+ 3  REP U15 Development programme 
In term 2 + 3 the REP U15 development programme will run. 

Note: the REP U18 campaign has already started in term 1. In term 2 it continues till the tournament in July
 go to "representative" for more information
Term   4  Getting fitter with hockey 
If you would like to stay fit after the winterseason and would like to improve on your fitness for next year, this is the programme you can follow.
It's a 1,5 hour programme where hockey and speed & agility training is combined. Most of the training will be with stick and ball, only this time to work on your fitness. Don't expect much directions on your hockey skills, fitness is the goal.  

Specialized skills trainings Y9 + Y10 
In a 4 week programme you work on specific skills you choose to follow. 

U18-U21 Summer development to perform programme
This programme is for all players with ambition and who have made the choice to focus on hockey and become the best they can be. Reasons can be " getting the best out of yourself",  "making it to Central teams" or even the Black Sticks. You can't register for this programme; you need to be invited  for this programme through your school coach, club coach and /or REP coach. Limited spaces available. 
 information will be published at end of winter season.