Kāhui 2017 U15 REP development programme

U15 REP development programme
With the REP U15 development programme we would like to offer players a continuous development pathway and create a lifelong love for hockey. Key focus is still " Development through responsibility and confidence”.  The U15 is known for the Premier and Championship team, yet we also have a Future team to give younger players the opportunity to continue their development pathway. Which means just like the U13's: there is a representative team for everybody who would like to develop!!  
The programme is open for players who are for players who are turning 14 or 15 this year. Also, players who are turning 13 and are in year 9 need to be registering for this programme. 


Skill days U15 Development squad   

U15 boys Tuesday 3 April  5.30 - 7.00 pm    

Saturday 8 April   1.00  - 3.00 pm
 U15 girls Tuesday 10 April  5.30 - 7.00 pm
  Saturday 8 April  3.00 - 5.00 pm 
Goal skills days: 

  1.  to determine the level of each player 
  2. select a 48 players + 3 goalies developments squad (per gender). 


Term 2  U15 REP development squad programme

·         All trainings are part of the selection process for the 3 teams. We will not only be looking at the players hockey skills, but also their personality characteristics like work ethic, ability to learn and try new things, being a triple impact competitor etc. 

·         Although it’s one U15 development squad the trainings will be in smaller groups to be able to train.

·         Goalies will have goalie training during term 2.

·         Click HERE for the training schedule;

·         Costs term 2 programme $ 67  (incl indoor costs, turf costs, coach development, family/friends tournament, adm fee etc) 


Term 3 U15 REP development programme

·         You will train and play games with your own U15 team 

  • the costs in term 3 will depend on the team the player is selected for. The information about the costs will be published during term 2. Players of the development programme will be notified by email as well.