Dates & Costs


We won't hold trials. We will have a 2-week  “open CH/REP U18 squad training” to see if you like it and are motivated to train and develop.   

After these 2 weeks the " CH/REP U18 development to perform programme"  starts. The focus in term 1 will not only be on hockey. Also mental and life style workshops will be part of the programme. Your physical development will be tested and monitored by Massey University and we will visit the Hawke's Bay Festival. In term 2 the REP U18 programme will become less intense as players have much on with school and club hockey. 
Click here for the whole programme/Portals/43/Reps/U18 programme for website.docx  (N.b.  If you are interested but already have plans that clash with this programme, you can contact Nicolette van Zeijl for further discussion. Her contact details: 027-2444307 or email:

Central U18 Nomination: The nomination for the Central U18 trials will be based on this 8 week programme in term 1.  Commitment, will to train, learn and improve will be the criteria for nomination + yo yo score. And like last year; if you aren't selected for the Central U18 team,  you are expected to play for our REP team.  

DATES  OPEN SQUAD TRAININGS  (both boys and girls CH/REP U18 squad will have a maximum of 25 players) 

Wed 15 Febr. 2017  6.00 - 7.00 pm girls
7.00 - 8.00 pm boys 
Grass Manawaroa Park 
Sunday 19 Febr. 2017  6.30 - 8.30 pm   Boys and girls  Twin Turfs 
Wed 22 Febr. 2017  6.00 - 7.00 pm girls
7.00 - 8.00 pm boys 
Grass manawaroa Park 
Sunday 26 Febr. 2017   6.30 - 8.30 pm   Boys and girls  Twin Turfs 

Registration link:                                                        


  •  No costs for these 4 open U18 CH/REP squad trainings
  •  If accepted in the U18 squad,  there will be a cost of $80 to cover the first REP/Central costs in term 1:
    1. Physical testing by Massey University in March and May ( yo-yo / 5-10-20m speed test / upper + lower body strength/ core stability )
    2. Five sessions on life style/mental skills ( balance/plan your life, how to measure overload, breathing and visualization).
    3. Day Ticket Hawke’s Bay
    4. Eight weeks training (each week 2 hours on turf, 1 hour on grass)    
  •  Estimation REP U18 development to perform costs term 2
    We have prepared estimated costs per player AS A GUIDE ONLY.  Please note that these costs ARE NOT CONFIRMED and are calculated from 2017 quotes and/or costs from 2016. Trainings are included. There will be additional costs including but not limited to:  Mini Tournament Costs & Uniform Costs etc.

U18 Women

$ 1,452.06


9th - 16th July 2017


U18 Men

$ 1,296.52


9th - 16th July 2017


  • The costs for the Central U18 teams are unknown.